Eleven single family homes sold in Old Town in August 2019. Eleven is two less than the 5-year (2014 - 2018) average; however, total sales thru August are 13% ahead of 2018 and 1... read more >
Posted: Sep 02, 2019
Solar power has ranked as the 1st or 2nd largest source of new power generation capacity installed in the U.S. in each of the past six years (2013 - 2018). This according to the ... read more >
Posted: Aug 26, 2019
What if you could quite literally change a student's life? No fooling - Change A Life! What if filling out a simple online form - easier than Amazon prime - could uplift a st... read more >
Posted: Aug 21, 2019
​Between 60,000 and 100,000 souls rest in the Key West Cemetery - in acreage designed to bury less than 20,000. They lay above ground and below.  Side-by-side and stac... read more >
Posted: Aug 14, 2019
July's twelve sales were one less than the 5 year (2014 - 2018) average of thirteen, a welcome sight after June's tepid nine sales and a continuation of a strong 1st Half... read more >
Posted: Aug 04, 2019
There are six neighborhoods in Old Town Key West; The Meadows, Old Town - North, Truman Annex, Bahama Village, Casa Marina and Old Town - South.  Here's a map.  Des... read more >
Posted: Jul 03, 2019
Despite June's tepid sales (9), eighty-six single family homes sold in Old Town thru June 30, 2019, 15% more than 2018 and the most in the 1st half of the year since 2015. Th... read more >
Posted: Jul 01, 2019
On June 7, 1776, Richard Henry Lee, delegate from Virginia to the 2nd Continental Congress, motioned for independence from Great Britian. His "Lee Resolution" was accepted, a com... read more >
Posted: Jun 17, 2019
Since 1986, the Florida Realtors has annually presented its Environmental Award - The ENVY. The ENVY honors residential and commercial developments that best preserve Florida'... read more >
Posted: Jun 10, 2019
May's twenty Old Town sales are the best for any month in 2019 and only the second time since May 2015 that a month had 20 Closings. Year to date sales of 77 tops the 5 year ... read more >
Posted: Jun 03, 2019
Low unemployment, rising wages, falling 30 and 15-year mortgage rates, pent-up buying and a positive economic horizon are all propelling mortgage services and private insurance c... read more >
Posted: May 24, 2019
Imagine the entire business sector of Key West creating HUNDREDS of scholarships for very low income K-12 students. Imagine the business community joining to convert the Florida ... read more >
Posted: May 22, 2019
April's eighteeen home sales brings YTD total to 57 sales; 19% above Jan - April 2018, 12% above the 5-Year (2014 - 2018) average and second highest monthly number of sales s... read more >
Posted: May 06, 2019
When the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) was implemented, one of the more talked about components affecting real estate was the cap on Mortgage Interest Deductions (MID).  Namel... read more >
Posted: Apr 24, 2019
1st Qtr 2019 Old Town single family home sales had a Hot January, a mild February and a warm March.  March's fifteen sales finished the Quarter with thirty-nine sales, 1... read more >
Posted: Apr 03, 2019
We know that one of the rules of a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange is you have 180 days after the closing of your "relinquished property" to close on the purchase of your "replacement... read more >
Posted: Mar 25, 2019
During the last Florida legislative session a new bill House Bill (HB) was passed and signed into law that allows any tenant that pays a rental or licensee fee that is subject to... read more >
Posted: Mar 12, 2019
February's eight single family homes sold In Old Town was two less than the 5-year, 2014 - 2018 average for February of ten and brought the year to date total to 24 Sales, 20... read more >
Posted: Mar 05, 2019
The 2018 annual Gallup poll on Honesty and Ethics in business professions once again placed Realtors in the bottom half of the rankings.  How come? With over 1,000,000 membe... read more >
Posted: Feb 26, 2019
A Canadian couple client of mine, buying a $730,000 USD condo in Key West, saved over $9000 CAD on their purchase because they locked in an exchange rate upon the advice of Money... read more >
Posted: Feb 19, 2019
January Closed 16 single family home sales in Old Town, most for a January ever and 60% above the 5-year average of 10 sales!  In recent years, only May 2017 (17 sales) and ... read more >
Posted: Feb 04, 2019
Sales of single family homes in Old Town in 2018 ended a two-year slide. 2018 had 137 sales, exceeding 2017 (121 sales) by 13% and 2016 (129 sales) by 6%. The1st Qtr had the weak... read more >
Posted: Jan 02, 2019
There are six neighborhoods in Old Town Key West; The Meadows, Old Town - North, Truman Annex, Bahama Village, Casa Marina and Old Town - South.  Here's a map.  Des... read more >
Posted: Jan 02, 2019
The 1992 Florida Legislature passed the William E. Sadowski Act which created the Sadowski Fund. The Fund has one dedicated purpose – to assist in every way to provide affo... read more >
Posted: Dec 17, 2018
As the boss you have influence because people do what you want them to do. Your priorities become their priorities. You have influence because you have money, position or title, ... read more >
Posted: Dec 11, 2018

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