In 1984 I bought a tired 1905 two-story Eyebrow House with a rare 2nd floor balcony. Over the next 40 months, I brought it back to life with steady sweat equity and 4 major projects. Since 2001, I've been a full time Realtor in Key West, serving buyers and sellers in the Old Town areas (Map). I provide in-depth market analysis to identify price and volume trends with emphasis on satisfying residential and investment (ROI) goals. Before this I served in the US Navy, entering through a Navy ROTC Scholarship at Marquette University. I was a naval aviator, intelligence officer and military diplomat. I served in jet squadrons flying the EA3 Skywarrior in Rota, Spain, Key West and the island of Guam. I was then the Assistant Naval Attache at the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. I've lived in Europe, the US and Asia with extensive official and unofficial travels from Portugal to Israel and from S. Korea to Australia and Burma. In 1996 I obtained a Masters in International Public Policy - Economics and Politics of South and Southeast Asia from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Washington, DC.