Posted: Dec 15, 2020
How Bikeable is Key West?
Island Bicycles

​Key West is a pedaler’s paradise.  The neighborhoods west and south of White St., encompassing the areas of The Meadows, Old Town, Casa Marina, Bahama Village and Truman Annex, provide streets and lanes of abundant architectural treasures, flora, aromas and hidden eateries and specialty shops. Here’s a map. For me, walking takes too long.  Whether summer warm and muggy or winter cool and dry, a little breeze in the face feels great.  My choice to remedy time and travel is the good ole bike. Whether two wheels or three, solo or tandem, Key West is a pedaler’s paradise.

Key West has no less than seven bike shops.

Both large and small, these bike shops offer sales of bikes and equipment, service and repairs, daily and weekly rental rates, drop off and pick up service to your hotel or guest house and if you get a flat they'll rush out and pump - u - up.  Here's a quick listing of bike shops in Key West, starting with my favorite:


  1. Island Bicycles.  929 Truman Ave.  305.292.9707
  2. Eaton Bikes.  830 Eaton St.  305.294.8188
  3. Bikeman Bike Rental Key West. 5 locations. 305.587.1783
  4. We Cycle Key West  5160 US1 Stock Island.  305.292.3336
  5. Pirate Scooter Rentals.  401 Southard St.  305.224.8772
  6. The Bike Shop.  1110 Truman Ave.  305.304.1073.

On a bike, people can see you. If you are nice they'll remember.  If you're a jerk they'll remember more.


Many Old Town streets have painted bike lanes. For those streets that do not, just stay to the right. The City of Key West is rewriting its set of rules and regulations for bicycle use in town.  Until they are complete, here is the City's Municiple Code  for the safe operation of bicycles. Remember, in Key West, a bicycle is classified as a vehicle. Cyclists must follow the traffic rules common to all drivers, including STOP signs dammit.


As a multi-year trike owner and rider (Miami Sun Trike) here are my practical riding rules:


  1. Stay to the far right at all times. Sure, you can occupy the entire lane if you want by why get in the way.  It's not necessary. See #2 below.
  2. Be courteous. Enjoy the air. See #1 above.
  3. Cars are bigger than you.  If one is following you then pedal into an open parking spot and let them by.  What the heck, they're eating gas and paying taxes. See #2 above.
  4. When you want to make a left turn, stay to the far right until traffic is clear, then turn left.  Please don't pedal in the middle of the street with your left arm out, you're dangerously in the way. Legally you can stop in the middle of the road and turn left but why impede traffic behind you. See rule #2.
  5. Watch out for people who open their driver's or left rear passenger door without looking first. They just forgot to look. Be responsible for your own safety. See rule #2.
  6. Follow the rules of the road.  Some car drivers want to wave you through even when they have priority.  But they are confused.  If you do have priority then go, otherwise let the confused driver proceed. See rule #2.
  7. For chrissakes, use front and rear lights at night.  If you do not, then come what may.
  8. If you absolutely must use a sidewalk to pedal, then please slow down.  Legally, you are allowed to share the sidewalk; however, you DO NOT have Priority. See rule #2.
  9. Texting and driving is stupid. Texting and pedaling is fatal. You're also not suppose to ride hands free or listen to your iTunes.  But people do. Don't be a dope.
  10. So what if you were in the right, you are in the hospital because a car is bigger than you. See Rule #2.

The Benefits to Biking are Many


Why pedal?  Why not!

  1. Fresh air and hidden fragrances, especially in the evening
  2. Exercise that is gentle on the mind and body
  3. Easy to wave to friends and neighbors
  4. You don't have to circle the block to find a parking place and then pay out the a.. for the priviledge of parking on a public street
  5. Its funner to personalize your bike then a car plus, people are more likely to buy a bike with dayglo and sparkles then a similarly painted car, even in Key West!
  6. A lot of locals on bikes are smug as heck as they Save the environment (or they lost the Driver's License - DUI).  Don't be one of them.  Smile, be friendly.  See Rule #2.

Biking Key West is the most "local" thing you can do.


So park your car and ride a bike.  Be a happy local for a day - or two or three or seven. It could be the best part of your time in Key West. 


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Good luck!


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