Posted: Oct 07, 2021
Hurricane Shutters made of Fabric AstroGuard

The AstroGuard wind abatement system complies with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code and has been an approved system since 2012.  The resin-coated ballistic nylon fabric is light weight, flexible, can be cut to any dimension, is designated as impact resistent to both large and small missiles and prevents rapid pressurization of the structure. The system is highly cost effective and its installation is simple and non obtrusive.



AstroGuard is manufactured by Hurricane Fabric which is located in Delray Beach, Fl. As an extemely durable wind abatement product, AstroGuard has passed the rigorous testing necessary to gain Florida Building Code approval #15208. AstroGuard is also approved for use in Miami-Dade and Broward County under NOA #20-1102-08. The latest revision date was October 19, 2020 with an expiration date of October 20, 2025.




With regard to windstorm insurance, AstroGuard is engineered and approved to provide an A1 rating for windstorm mitigation on a Mitigation Inspection Verification form.  The "A1" rating is the highest and best rating and means that all Glazed and non-Glazed openings are either impact rated or are protected by an Impact Rated Device; i.e., fabric, shutters, panels, accordians, etc.

Design Features

AstroGuard has been designed for durability, easy installation and ease of use.  Among these specific features are:


  • Burst strength which enables AstroGuard to stop missile impact even while under a wind load. No other manufacturer’s system can stop impacts and large missiles when their hurricane screens are loaded with wind.
  • If a door or window breaks, letting in high volumes of high velocity air, the structure can become pressurized and, worst case, the roof can blow. To prevent this, the windstorm system needs to provide "full envelope prevention". AstroGuard provides full envelope protection, preventing high velocity winds from entering the structure, by continually and effectively covering all vulnerable openings. Even if the glass behind the AstroGuard covering breaks, AstroGuard still prevents pressurization of the structure by deflecting the wind from fully entering the structure.
  • Since AstroGuard does not buckle or crumpled when hit by flying objects, AstroGuard stops flying debris and projectiles more effectively than any other form of hurricane protection.
  • AstroGuard's patented clip attachment system can be easily opened in order to accept a replacement or "new and improved" screen.
  • At 11 ounces per square yard, AstroGuard is lightweight and easy to manage. AstroGuard panels fold up into their own nylon storage bags and take up very little storage space.
  • AstroGuard carries a 10-year Limited Warranty.



I contacted my insurance agent in Key West, the Historic Preservation Planner for the City of Key West and my preferred contractor for such an installation and each gave me two thumbs up on using AstroGuard as a windstorm protection and mitigation product.


My recommendation is:

  • Use a contractor - let them navigate the Key West permitting labyrinth. (I recommend Michael Lepine, Lepine Builders, Inc. 305.304.0202)
  • After installation, have your insurance agent and/or Home Inspector write a Mitigation Verification Inspection Form and submit it to your Windstorm Insurance Company and then,
  • Relax and enjoy the benefits of windstorm security and reduced windstorm premiums.


If you have any comments or questions, please contact me here.


Good luck.


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